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GGC Payment turns cryptocurrencies into direct payment. Everyman around the world will pay with cryptocurrency for dinner at the restaurant, for rent or for goods in the supermarket. Our next Generation Finance System is the bridge between the world of cryptocurrecies and the real world. It will open undreamt-of possibilities regarding finance and investment models. We will no longer be subject to the risks associated with the existing Centralized Finance Systems.



GGCM will bring gold to the world of crypto. 30% of each supply value will be hedged by physical gold, available and deposited in banks.

At the same time 70% of each coin’s value will be independent from gold and therefore provides an excellent opportunity to increase in value. This smart combination of security and outstanding potential for increase in value

represents the perfect balance between security and the creation of profit. By purchasing GGCM coin’s, the customer will become the owner of the most promising coin.

GGCM is the Next Generation cryptocurrency with a Gold Guarantee and a new Payment System. Our solution concept is unique and evolutionary. It combines a Gold Guaranteed Coin and a GGC Payment Card for Direct Payment, turning cryptos instantly into Fiat money



The Next Stage
In Payment

GGC Payment is independent from intermediaries, such as banks, financial institutions of any kind or the SWIFT system. GGC Payment is the Next Generation Finance System, which is not subject to inflation. The GGC Payment Card instantly converts any coins into currencies accepted in any ordinary shops around the world, be it online or offline. People around the world will be able to pay with cryptos stored in their wallets for goods in supermarkets, their bills and rent.
GGC Payment as an artificial intelligence platform represents the evolution from the cryptocurrency niche market into a Direct Payment System plus an outstanding investment opportunity for everyman. The result will be a rise in demand and value.



The GGC Payment Card and the related GGC Payment System including a control

panel and convenient app, is a new decentralized payment system.

Blockchain development

Blockchain ecosystem development, crypto development
Blockchain-based AI software and development

Payment system

Comprehensive crypto payment system solution
International transfer and debit credit card system

NFT, VR, AR gaming

NFT gaming combined platform development
✓ VR and AR game development

Crypto trading

GGC Payment system is a complex system with the fastest trading with AI management, complete data and reliable wallet service

Next Technology

 It opens up new possibilities in how we finance and invest, and you won’t have to worry about the risks associated with existing centralized payment systems

Wide Opportunities

Our system will provide cryptocurrency users with access to an array of investment opportunities and practical payment solutions. This will increase the demand for our currency and should lead to a rise in its value.

Fast Conversion

You can now convert your coins into fiat instantly within the system. Buy things or use services that don’t accept cryptocurrency directly from your wallet — no more having to convert your money on your own.


GGC is building a cryptocurrency system that not only enables worldwide users to swap their cryptocurrencies directly into fiat money, but also allows them to spend them for all kinds of services (e.g. purchases of goods, purchasing food in restaurants and so on). Part of the system is the GGC Payment which allows users to make everyday purchases in shops that accept regular payment methods.


GGCM awarded  NEXT BEST PROJECT  at Crypto Expo for a reason in Dubai. Everyman and everywoman will be able to pay with cryptos for dinner at the restaurant, for rent or for goods in the supermarket! GGC enables to turn cryptocurrency into direct payment, opening up undreamt-of possibilities for new finance and investment models. Also, people will no longer be subject to the risks associated with the existing Central Payment System!

The GGC international team of experts offers the world a pioneering solution concept since it combines a Gold Guaranteed Coin with the GGC Payment Card for Direct Payment. GGC Payment is the Next Generation Finance System, capable to convert cryptos into fiat currencies, accepted in day-to-day life, online and offline, with or without SWIFT.

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