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GGCM awarded  NEXT BEST PROJECT  at Crypto Expo for a reason in Dubai. Everyman and everywoman will be able to pay with cryptos for dinner at the restaurant, for rent or for goods in the supermarket! GGC enables to turn cryptocurrency into direct payment, opening up undreamt-of possibilities for new finance and investment models. Also, people will no longer be subject to the risks associated with the existing Central Payment System!

The GGC international team of experts offers the world a pioneering solution concept since it combines a Gold Guaranteed Coin with the GGC Pay Card for Direct Payment. GGC Pay is the Next Generation Finance System, capable to convert cryptos into fiat currencies, accepted in day-to-day life, online and offline, with or without SWIFT.

The coin with the ticker of GGCM (Gold Guaranteed Coin Mining) is based on a secure and reputable blockchain platform. The number of coins which will ever exist is limited via smart contract. The total supply of the GGCM coin is capped by  500.000.000.000 and will be released in blocks as per vesting schedule.

The GGCM project has succeeded in combining  the value of gold and other precious metals with  the blockchain system. This innovative investment channel makes it possible for anyone to participate in cryptocurrency markets and become owner of physical gold. The GGCM coin provides security by providing a gold guarantee for 30% of the total value of the coins traded in the market. At the same time it keeps an excellent opportunity for value increase due to the 30% limitation.

The 30% gold provides security on the one hand and an excellent opportunity for increase in value due to the 30% limitation. Plus, it is an effective way to protect against inflation.

GGC also provides an attractive NFT model as an opportunity for investors to profit from the GGC gold mining project in the NFT world.

GGCM truly deserved to be awarded with the prestigious Crypto Expo Dubai award!

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Trading start is scheduled for November 11 this year. Buyers will receive a free GGC Pay Card worth 300 USD when they purchase GGCM coins for 300 USD and hold the coins for three months!

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